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I think the title is pretty self explanatory, he is a 30min rant about life and my journey as I am about to take a massive new step becoming a Dad to two awesome little children, the wonders of psychedelics, the importance of HEALING!


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March 29, 2021

#27 - Coping with PTSD

Fabian and I continue our conversation, this time covering PTSD and strategies to cope with the condition.

If you'd like to contact Fabian, please just email and I will connect you.

Here is a 20 min conversation with myself about LIFE, consciousness and living life to the maximum - I hope you enjoy it.

I recommend you sit back, listen to the words and take what resonates with you.

Big LOVE from BOON X

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First podcast of 2021 and we kick off with the first of many psychedelic conversations with Nick and Orson who work together as part of the Pineal team who are behind deep transformational healing retreats.

In this episode Nick and Orson start off discussing their personal Ayahuasca experiences.

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As Fabian continues his deep healing journey, we catch up to discuss the madness of 2020 and how its all going for him!

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Penn Chan is back for a massive podcast as we discuss all the madness that has happened in our lives during the 2020 lockdown! Get comfortable and enjoy #PositiveVibes 


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February 15, 2020

#22 - Building Confidence

In my first mini series I discuss how we can improve our self confidence.

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Big Love from BOON


This episode Luke and Orson discuss in detail the 10 day healing retreat they both experienced last October and how it's helped them both.

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January 26, 2020

#20 - Penn Chan Returns

In this episode Penn and Orson discuss the last year of their lives, the up's and the down's - mental health, psychedelics, marriage and personal relationships.

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Orson speaks with Rory Kilmartin a global Relationship Researcher and Human Developer about understanding the full potential of our intimate relationships - a MUST listen!!

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